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Video Formas Training Almeria 2015-2016

The I AM MBP community was born from the objective of sharing our methodology with as many coaches as possible. Through our training we want to help coaches from all over the world to achieve their goals.

«The experience during the course was very enriching. The methodology used seems to me very innovative using technological tools for a better understanding of contents. In addition, you learn to visualize details that in preparation and during the game can be relevant.»

I recommend the Scouting and Game Analysis course of MBP School of Coaches to enhance the knowledge of how the game is. Also, thank you very much for the treatment of all the people at MBP, who helped me at all times.

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9 ceros se considera un centro multidisciplinar que se fundamenta en una serie de factores como una fuerte disciplina de trabajo, una sólida base teórica y conceptos artísticos. Estos factores se interpretan luego en diferentes técnicas de animación que conforman el plan de estudios de los cursos. Algunas de las técnicas utilizadas son el 3D, los dibujos animados, el stop motion o plastilina, los escenarios, etc. La revista Animation Career Review ha calificado el programa de formación de 9zeros como uno de los mejores planes de estudios de animación de Europa. También se menciona en el libro blanco de la animación en España como una de las escuelas de referencia en… Ver descripción completa.

Si deseas realizar estudios musicales, A tempo es el mejor lugar para ir. La escuela imparte todas las actividades relacionadas con la música, la danza, la expresión corporal así como la comercialización de todo tipo de elementos necesarios para el desarrollo de las actividades mencionadas. La filosofía de la institución se fundamenta en una educación musical de calidad y un alto rigor técnico. Cualquier persona con pasión por aprender música tiene cabida aquí y el aprendizaje está disponible desde clases de sensibilización para niños de tres años, hasta clases para músicos aficionados o profesionales.

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The admission program for the 2022-2023 academic year is now open. Don’t miss the opportunity and don’t miss out on your place. Places are limited and sell out quickly. Don’t think twice and apply for your entrance exam now.

Houdini Core combines superior performance and spectacular ease-of-use to deliver a powerful and accessible 3D animation experience for CG artists creating films, commercials or video games. With its procedural node-based workflow, Houdini Core enables you to create content faster to reduce deadlines and enjoy improved flexibility in all your creative tasks.

This free course aims to perform a humanoid walkthrough in Maya 3d animation software. We will see the workflow to follow in this type of animations: the locomotives of the character. We will see the weights and how to compensate them in a biped. Do not hesitate to take this course if you like animation.

Asking for information and guidance can be very useful. You don’t lose anything. We are here to help you. If you wish we can also invite you to our Orientation Master Class and Personalized Demos to see everything live.

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Each interaction of the system with the student is stored in a database. The system is able to know from the student what he/she still has to learn, and deliver to the teacher, in real time, the particular needs in the form of activities, after a filter of our quality algorithm, with the objective of accelerating x5 the learning speed of your students.

The big difference with respect to its predecessor, the electronic or digital book, is that now the living book can not only be used on all types of devices with synchronized versions for teachers and students, but also allows the editing and improvement of content in real time by its teaching users. Updating a content in the book, therefore, is now as simple as making an annotation but with the difference that the improvement will be seen immediately by thousands of users in real time.

The live book serves a dual purpose: by providing its teaching users with editable content, it greatly improves the quality of English lessons in real time. This also has an impact on the performance and quality of the classes, allowing teachers to give their best because they are supported by a tool that works for them and gives them everything they need. The living book empowers them to make the most of their personal qualities as it provides highly diverse and creative content and requires minimal preparation.