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The theoretical and practical contents, structured in 5 subjects, will be taught by a group of professors who are professionals and senior executives from leading companies and organizations in the biotechnology sector.

Aware that contact with the reality of work is essential in the training process of a professional, the co-direction of the Master with ASEBIO allows us to offer more than 6 months of internships that will increase your chances of finding a job.

In addition, at the University, we have a Careers Department that is responsible for finding the best job opportunities for our students. You will have access to a job bank with exclusive national and international job offers.

This program aims to train qualified professionals with a comprehensive and deep vision on how to manage R&D&I in biotechnology, and will allow you to develop professional training in the management of biotechnology companies from different areas.

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In the 18th century, the medical community saw the need to come to an agreement and work in unison, grouped and protected by a new institution that would be at their service. At the request of the famous surgeon Antonio Gimbernat y Arbós, in 1780, King Carlos III ordered the creation of the Royal College of Surgery of San Carlos, as already existed in Cadiz and Barcelona.

In 1781 the architect Francisco Sabatini was commissioned to build it in the area between Antón Martín and Puerta de Atocha, where several hospitals were concentrated at the time: General Hospital, Amor de Dios Hospital and La Pasión Women’s Hospital. Initially, the Royal College was located in the basement of the General Hospital, where two infirmaries were set up for teaching.

However, this project never saw the light of day and it was not until May 12, 1831, when King Ferdinand VII granted the old Hospital de La Pasión to the new building, commissioned on this occasion to its main architect, Isidro González Velázquez, and whose works would last until 1840 (with the collaboration of the architect Tiburcio Pérez Cuervo).

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In the external practices, you will be able to deepen in the professional practice of the health psychologist, acquiring sufficient experience to improve your employability as a freelancer or as an employee in health centers or services with which the Universidad Europea de Valencia has established an agreement, carrying out the evaluation, diagnosis and intervention in disorders and psychological health problems in real contexts.

One of the areas where violence is most common is in the family. From psychology we work on the effective treatment for people who exercise violence towards their partners, in all its typologies, as a form of prevention and rehabilitation.

Centers with which the university has signed agreements for internships:The Universidad Europea de Valencia continues to sign agreements to expand the network of internship centers in compliance with the requirements indicated in Order ECD/1070/2013, of June 12.

As it appears in the Order ECD/1070/2013, of June 12, which establishes the requirements for the verification of the official university degrees of Master in General Health Psychology that enables the exercise of the titled and regulated profession of General Health Psychologist, «students must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting research, evaluations and psychological interventions on those aspects of behavior and activity of people that influence the promotion and improvement of their general state of health, provided that such activities do not require specialized care by other health professionals.»

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We present a professional master’s program aimed at those who want to develop their professional career in the field of environmental management in companies, and collaborate from this area in the sustainable development of business and explore the circular economy.

There are special financing conditions, in order to help students meet the cost of the program through a system of deferred payments with free financing, through monthly installments prorated throughout the duration of the course, without having to pay registration fees or entrance fees.

In addition, the center has an annual scholarship plan that can reach up to 75% for MBAs and 65% for Master’s degrees. Tell us about your personal situation and apply for your aid.