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We specialize in creating customized annual training plans for SMEs, providing training solutions tailored to the needs of both workers and the companies themselves. All our training actions can be subsidized by means of the training credits contemplated in the Programmed Training of Companies through the State Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE).

Once the training is finished, the Organizing Entity will be in charge of making the necessary arrangements so that the company can benefit from these training credits, by means of the discount of the amount of the course in the Social Security quota.

Grupo Iter is registered in the Register of Training Entities of FUNDAE, as established by Law 30/2015, so it can act both as an Organizing Entity and as a Provider. It also has the best professionals for the management and delivery of training.

We have an online platform accessible from any device with internet access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give our clients the option of uploading their own content to it, so that all their employees can access, for example, initial job training, instructions for the use of new programs, machinery, etc.

Proeduca Educational Foundation

We are experts in the development of vehicles, production plants and the optimization of their processes. When it comes to automotive development, it takes someone with a holistic approach to mobility. Our expertise includes the comprehensive development and optimization of vehicles, production facilities, derivatives and modules. This has made us what we are today: independent engineering experts for the automotive industry. And your reliable partner for the mobility of the future.

Our world is becoming increasingly more digital and with it the future of mobility. Not only do we have to build very good means of transport – we also need to integrate them intelligently into new digital living- an d working environments.Therefore, smart technologies help us to make your manufacturing processes more efficient or your vehicle more comfortable and safe.Watch on YouTube

Maximum efficiency is what characterizes modern networked production. We are your partner on the way to your new SMART FACTORY: From the initial idea to the virtual implementation of your production solutions.Watch on Youtube

What is the proeduca group?

Its objective is to make all auxiliary services companies comply with the State Collective Agreement of Auxiliary Services Companies of Information, Reception, Access Control and Facilities Checking.

Through this table, a shock plan against occupational accidents must be articulated immediately, in which actions to improve the preventive management of psychosocial risks of occupational origin cannot be missing, since the first cause of death due to occupational accidents are heart attacks and strokes.

On July 29, UGT PV representatives from the social catering sector met with the Autonomous Secretary for Equality and Diversity, Rubén Sancho Martínez, and with the General Director for the Elderly, María José Pérez Magdalena, at the Regional Ministry for Equality and Inclusive Policies, to discuss once again the situation of the workers of the «Menjar a Casa» and «Major a Casa» services.

The company, which belongs to Gourmet Catering Espacios Valencia, claims that it is only a headband to collect the hair and have suspended from employment and pay for 14 days to the 18 employees who refused to wear it.

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CORFREE WIND is made up of 100 people, of which 72 are specialized and highly qualified technicians.we provide service throughout the national territory with a fleet of 28 vehicles and we have an international presence, operating in Latin America, Europe and Africa.our priority objective is to carry out maintenance work in compliance with the most demanding quality standards and deadlines. To achieve this, our technicians:

CORFREE WIND applies Health and Safety system management models for the prevention of occupational hazards. Our protocols are certified by APPLUS, one of the leading companies in the wind energy sector, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Health and Safety Quality Policy: We work with the aim of providing our customers with safe and reliable services that meet the standards and specifications to achieve a high level of protection.

From COMERCIAL CORFREE S.L. we would like to inform you that we work following an Integrated Management System, according to the requirements of the Quality Standard UNE-EN-ISO: 9001 in the provision of installation services and maintenance of fixed fire extinguishing systems and according to the Health and Safety Standard UNE-EN-ISO: 45001 regarding the provision of comprehensive maintenance services for wind turbines.