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This manual includes a material aimed to favor the theoretical-practical learning of the teaching program «Program of attention to women. Treatment and techniques of dishabituation «, which is developed in depth by means of a modular structure and suitable for its application in activities of Training for the Employment. The contents are specific to training actions aimed at training workers in the productive sector § Training plans aimed at any employed worker (free courses) within the sector of reference. § Training courses for unemployed workers in the sector that are not based on obtaining Certificates of Professionalism. § Subsidized training courses for companies in the sector. Read more

Employment Vicinay

Professional training actions for employment in the labor field, leading or not to obtain certificates of professionalism, aimed at working people, both as employed and unemployed in the Community of Madrid.

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Employment Satellites – Webinars

At Nascor Formación we have a challenge: to increase people’s happiness at work. We help you attract, retain and develop talent, enhancing the culture of High Confidence. We provide customized solutions through integral and personalized projects.

Developing your organization’s talent is key to growth and competitiveness. At Nascor we offer integral and customized solutions that will help to improve people’s knowledge, and to develop personally and professionally through measures for job satisfaction.

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PRAKTICA, TRAINING & CONSULTINGThe best way to learnLIVE YOUR ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE IN EUROPAPraktica in the company, language courses, cultural activities and much more!MORE INFORMATIONENJOY YOUR ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE IN SEVILLAPraktica in the company, language courses, cultural activities and much more!MORE INFORMATION COMPANY SIMULATIONPraktica training for business creation and administration.MORE INFORMATION / 4 / 4

Praktica is a company promoted by professionals in the field of training for employment and business creation. People and their professional objectives are our raison d’être, so we work to help our clients and users to improve the competencies and skills necessary to achieve their goals.