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Although it is included in Article 13 of the Workers’ Statute, it must be considered as a temporary solution. However, it cannot be imposed unilaterally and an agreement must be reached, which in any case, cannot imply inferior working conditions.

Remember that this teleworking tool cannot be imposed, since otherwise it could imply modifications in the contractual regime. In essence it would be a matter of providing the services from the private home, instead of doing it from the work center. This means that part of the work activity must be negotiated in documentary form, with the company having to provide all the necessary tools for working at home.

Proposals should be negotiated, highlighting the creation of mechanisms for the creation of time-bags to make production needs more flexible, adaptations to the work calendar, the rescheduling of training activities, the redistribution of the working day, the establishment of leave systems to adapt the workload or the establishment of compensation rules.

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The functional structures, called state sectors (currently 14), include workers in the same area of services, regardless of their territorial affiliation, for union action and collective bargaining specific to that area.

The Justice Administration Sector includes the affiliation of workers dependent on the Ministry of Justice, either under total competence (non-transferred and totally dependent on the Ministry of Justice) or under shared competence with some Autonomous Communities.

The sector includes the industries of catchment, elevation, conduction, treatment, desalination and desalination, distribution, sanitation and purification of drinking and waste water. Since the signing of the Third Agreement, companies that manage water for agricultural or irrigation uses, whatever their name (irrigation communities, boards, associations, etc.), are included in this scope of application.

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This group reports that 10 percent are hired only part-time. 52% of the nursing team in Private Healthcare in the Community of Madrid attends 15 or more patients in their usual shift (43% nurses and 62% TCAEs). This percentage rises to 56% during night shifts, vacations and vacations (49% nurses and 62% TCAEs). The percentage rises to 82% if we take as a reference the care of more than 10 patients (78% of nurses and 85% of HCWs).

Organizational problems affect their free time, with planning problems 54%, difficulty in taking paid leave 44% and in reconciling their work and family life 47%.

Despite being clear about their competencies (77%), they perform functions that do not correspond to them (80%) and make little use of nursing diagnoses (34%). They use the protocols of their unit, 80%. Forty-seven percent of the respondents report not having enough material to work with and do not participate in the choice of material for their work. Thirty-nine percent consider that the facilities in their unit are not adequate for their daily work.