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Se han hecho varias clasificaciones de los métodos de enseñanza, en un intento de imponer cierto grado de orden en lo que es un campo muy diverso e idiosincrásico. Algunos analistas recurren a la distinción fundamental entre estructura de la lengua (forma) y uso de la lengua (función). Bajo el primer epígrafe, incluyen aquellos métodos que se centran en la enseñanza de las reglas y categorías formales y que hacen hincapié en la importancia de una traducción escrita precisa y en la comprensión de la literatura. Bajo el segundo epígrafe, se incluyen los métodos que hacen hincapié en la enseñanza de la participación activa en contextos naturales y realistas de la lengua hablada, y en los que se hace hincapié en el éxito comunicativo más que en la precisión formal. Muchos enfoques se inclinan en una u otra dirección, aunque también es frecuente encontrar enfoques que pretenden integrar los puntos fuertes de ambas posturas.

Desde la década de 1940, se ha descubierto muchas veces la solución definitiva para el éxito de la enseñanza de inglés como lengua extranjera. Siempre hay otra metodología probada de otro teórico experto que puede o no haber tenido experiencia de primera mano en el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua.


The persons who make up the human group in the selected dwelling are classified as surveyable or non-surveyable, depending on a series of criteria that take into account whether or not the person was present in the dwelling at the time of the interview and whether or not he or she had occupied another dwelling in the previous three months.

With respect to the distribution of the sample over time, it should be remembered that the LFS is a continuous survey. Its interviews are spread evenly throughout each quarter. The families interviewed participate repeatedly in the sample but, naturally, they do not remain in the survey for an indefinite period of time. In fact, the sample of selected households is renewed by one-sixth each quarter, so that a household participates in the sample for six consecutive quarters.

The definitions used to delimit the main population concepts are based on those of Resolution I of the Thirteenth International Conference of Labor Statisticians of the International Labor Organization (Geneva, 1982).

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The current context forces us to know what is happening, to analyze the situation and to look for possible measures to face the increase of cases of mental health disorders. It is necessary to start carrying out activities in which we have the space to stop to know, think, debate and propose solutions with the help of professionals who can guide us in this process. That is what these dialogues on mental health in the educational environment are all about. Register here.

The union thanks all teachers for their participation, support and daily involvement, and also acknowledges the work, attention and constant dedication of its delegates. It is especially grateful to its affiliation for its militancy and commitment.

We are informed that a specific e-mail address has been created to address all those doubts that may arise regarding the procedure established for the filling of vacancies for teachers and technical advisors abroad.

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Reservation of place Virtual ClassroomSTART IN JUNE 2022START OF NEW PREPARATION GROUPSIn the month of June 2022 will begin the new computer preparation courses for the following selection processesCourses with reservation of place open

Regarding his classes: they are always very complete and above all help to understand everything in detail, no matter if it is the first time he explains it or not, he always explains it in detail as if it were the first time, and that is very important for me because, on the one hand, if you already know it serves as a review, and on the other hand, if it is the first time you see it, it helps you to understand it without any problem.

As for the organization of the classes, they are perfect: both in content and schedule. The explanation and correction of things are always complete in the sense that everything begins and ends, not like, I speak from my personal experience, the academies that start and if they don’t have time to finish, they leave it for the next day.

At the beginning of the classes I had a base, I had already attended classes in an academy and had mastered both Word and Excel, but the classes had nothing to do with it. The academy I went to gave you office automation classes, first all of Word and then all of Excel, with practical exercises, but nothing to do with what they ask for in the exam and then at the end they started to give you simulations. With Luis it is not like that, with Luis they are classes to pass a competition, focused on that, with mock exams from the beginning and from these exercises he goes into the subject. From the beginning the simulations are of word processing and calculus to go with both at the same time and since they are exam-type simulations you try to do them faster and faster and put yourself in the situation.